Frequently Asked Questions


We make it easy to get your online store on to   We market your shop items 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.   We help you keep your brand active on Twitter.

You tell us where your stock is sold (i.e. your Website / Amazon / Ebay / Etsy ) and we will market it on twitter.

Reach out to over 200 million potential buyers, it makes good business sense to use tweetmystock™.

We tweet out a brief description and link to each item of your stock (located on your Website / Amazon / Ebay / Etsy depending on plan selected) to target audiences within twitter. Potential buyers will see your product and visit your shop. Driving targeted traffic and boosting sales.

We connect your online store to your twitter account. You can continue to grow your followers and interact with them, with our service you can place links to your online store in front of your followers.

We also use appropriate hash tags with each tweet we send out, this means that your store content can be found by any of the 200 million active monthly users on

Over 70% of the worlds internet population use social media.

75% of users more likely to purchase from brands on twitter.

67% of users recommend products seen on twitter.

A website visitor is 10 times more likely to make a purchase if they are directed from social media.

We are marketing your stock on twitter, with over 200 Million active monthly users. Do the maths.

Google recently anounced that page rank does take into consideration links from twitter. Therefore every tweet we put out with a link to your stock is improving your pagerank.

If you are using twitter to help market your business, you need to keep your content fresh and relevant. You can continue to grow your followers and interact with your customers, and with tweetmystock™ you can also share your products with your loyal followers. Its a great way to keep your followers engaged and active on your online store.


During the sign up process you will be asked to authorize our app. We do not access any of your information, it simply allows us to tweet out your listings on your twitter profile. If you missed this stage during sign up, please Click the link below to authenticate your own twitter account.Click Here


No, we do NOT require any passwords as we do not access any of your profiles or accounts.


We tweet around the clock, every day. It's what we do.

Of course you can tweet yourself, but we tweet so you don't have to...tweeting takes time and you probably have better things to be doing with your valuable time.

Just think about the time it would take to create one tweet with a brief description and link back to the location of the item on your online store. This needs to be done throughout the day and every day after.

There are 200 million active twitter users. puts you in that marketplace, continuously throughout everyday.


No, ANY ebay seller can use TweetMyStock. We tweet out your listings regardless of your rating or feedback.
We recommend you use your own twitter profile. You can actively grow your followers, and see the work that we are doing for you. To create your own twitter account please Click Here


No, we check your store regularly. When you have new content, we tweet this out for you.
The sign up process takes only a few minutes.

Once completed we will process the data in your online store. Tweeting will commence within a few hours but may take up to 24 hours.

They will look something like these ... note the brief description, and the link back to the owners store. This could be yours ...

We wish to better serve our customers, please visit the contact us page and write to our customer support team. We do respond to all emails in the order they are received.